Responsibility or TRP

Posted on July 11, 2012


The title of the writing is actually a question that I would like to raise amidst the so called ‘Watch dogs of democracy‘, the media. Why are you guys always prepared to waste the value able resources and power of yours in some useless acts?  This is not actually a question of mine, but just a truth of which I, (this ‘Ihere is a common public, so please don’t confuse it to be a personal question) seek the explanation.

Though I am instigated to write this after a recent news coverage of molestation attack on a girl in Guwahati, but this topic has been in my focal point of mine for a very long time.

Going by my personal opinion, the best illusionist in India now are the people behind the camera. How wonderfully they can manipulate a simple piece of news into something which is either highly majestic or something immensely destructive. And the best part, no matter what the ‘I‘ (common man) interpret or rather digest from the telecast, the bosses have already had their pockets filled with ample penny to prepare something new that might fool the people.

Going by the video above, I suppose it was a sheer wastage of resources. I don’t know if the channel has any deal with the PETA, but at that point of time, it was a piece of sheer uselessness.

By the post so for, I suppose people (common people other than me) might feel that I am someone hardcore against the media. But actually this is not so, I am just a true patron of the industry and someone who has always wanted to be a true reflector of news.

The earth is seriously doomed. The bearable limit of media discrepancy should have been to the telecast of transparent news, but people today are actually begging for the news to be delivered.

Just imagine, one evening you switch on the TV to have a glimpse of the days news. And all you get in the prime time is some ad oriented news about some magical insane peer fakir, who claims himself to be just next to god. And the trauma didn’t end here. Even the news flash reports the same for three successive slots.

And of course, we have our politically oriented news channels. Can’t say about the rest of the nation, but in Assam, most of the people must have nick names the channels to some or the other political parties, e.g. ‘Congress TV‘, ‘AGP TV’ etc. And of course there is a ‘Anti Govt. TV’.

Now that this has done is that, it has changed the polarity of the news. People are actually been confused by the presentation of the news in two different ways by to different media. This as far as I know has surely violated the code of media ethics. And the channel bosses I suppose are best people around to ask how much I am correct.

Coming to the molestation part. The media has always come to the rescue of the victim only before it has accumulated what it wanted. before that, they hardly seems to have benefited any of the needy (unless there is something big in it). Maybe this might seem to be a more of a business talk, but after education, media is next big business exploiting the public.

Never the less, all I can do is beg them check their actions. I can’t even dare to request to stop their dadgiri. I am very unfortunate  to lack  any powerful resource to turns things around, but I believe that the competition between TRP and Responsibility should end soon with the victory of the later, and will continue to work for it.

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