The Raise of a new Media: The Social Media

Posted on July 13, 2012


I remember the days when we used to wait the entire day for a News Telecast of just 15 minutes as there were no news channels available in Assam. And as for the national media, they have always been ignorant to the state and to an extent still are.
The most important change in the media of the state in the last 5 years has been the advent of the private news channels. Though they are still that the amateur level, yet their contribution to the society is debatable, as there has been incidence of yellow journalism within years of their existence.
But what I actually would more like to highlight in this post, is about the advent of the new media, the social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and age old Orkut, these three social websites have now conquered almost all horizons of the world. And in certain instances, they have actually acted for better than the main stream national media.

Regarding the recent case of molestation of a girl in the streets of Guwahati, though the local media did a humiliating stunt by telecasting it uncensored in the news. But the situation came into the lime light when the lick was shared in the social media, and witnessed massive views and shares in Facebook and Twitter.
And quite opposite to the expectation of the media house, where they expected praise for their so called heroic act from the society. They were compelled to give explanations on why they shooted the footage instead of protecting the girl, and why the question raised was obviously related to the competition of TRP and responsibility.

National Media celebrities Tweeting the incident

And also the nation media turned their focus towards the incident as the video went viral on the web. And also the pictures of the culprits are being shared a million times to punish them, which also seems quite effective as of now.

A Facebook post sharing details of the culprits

However, this is not the only instance when the social media has acted ahead of the main stream media. Few months back when 200 people drowned in Dhubri, all the channels of the country were busy telecasting the trails of the Aarushi Murder case. No one paid any attention to this tragic incident of Assam.
It was again the social media that helped the nation gain attention to this incident. And the channels actually began telecasting the news.
A survey says that people spent more time in Facebook or Twitter than on any other media, so any news that has be viral is sure to grab more attention that being telecasted on the channels. However, the highlight fact is that, these media has been only being restricted to the elite classes and common man is yet to learn about their existence and contribution.
Media has been the watch dog of the democracy, but now it seems that there has been the birth of a watch dog for the media. The power of freedom of speech provided my these sites has sure benefited the people in fighting the discrepancies and shameful acts of media which they previously covered very skillfully.
I suppose that people should now start acting more responsibily in the social sites as their acts are taken quite seriously and millions follow them.
Looking forward to a effective and flawless media in the near future.

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