How Media has failed to project Assam

Posted on July 14, 2012


It is a known fact that the main stream Indian media has always been ignorant to Assam and its neighbouring seven sisters. Though after the recent incident of girl molestation in GS Road, Guwahati, all the channels are quite active in telecasting the footage and setting up panels to discuss the issue. But in the real sense, there is hardly any instance where media has acted quite constructively for the state.

If you happen to be an active news watcher, than you might have noticed a trend. It is that, Assam or Guwahati has been in the limelight only if there has been a bomb blast or insurgency problem, if someone important like the PM or the President visits the state or maybe be sometimes if there has been any international events like Cricket or Football match.

But apart from these  the Channels are least interested in any of the other developing s in  the state.  Of course it is true that, these days only negativity and spicy items sells, and people are actually least interested in some real developmental stuff. But yet, compared to other states, Assam has always been kept aside.

Added to this, since most of the channels are Hindi dominating, you ought to find, incorrect information (both verbal and written) about the state and its people, and even the leaders.

Check the spelling of the CM of Assam.

My point of writing this piece is that, the media is always ready to publicize about any bomb blast in the region, and provide minute by minute update of the incident. Then why do they don’t actively report about some other real problems that the people of the region face. If you can put the number of casualties in the ‘Breaking News‘ banner, then why not the real problems that have led to this menace. Why not about the illegal migration and unemployment problem of the state?

The only Breaking News from the State.

You have made the girl molestation incident a National headline, but what about the floods. Yeah, it is agreeable that Moushmi Sarma deserves justice. But what about those millions of people who are facing the problem of flood not just this year, but every year.

The floods in Bihar was a national headline, and each channel ran a ‘Sympathy Campaign‘ asking for donation and help from the country. But what about Assam, are we adopted?? Why don’t you do the similar thing for us. I remember giving donations for to National Channel, who went on in a campaign to raise funds for flood victims of Gujrat. But I doubt if any channel has ever done that for the state of Assam

Any day for Assam?

There was this Dhubri Boat incident, 200 people died. But on that day, every News Channel was busy telecasting the trial of Aarushi Murder Case. Agreed, Aarishi demands justice, but do this also mean that 200 people from Assam is equivalent of one girl from North, that they choose to completely ignore the matter.

Leaving this, so many sports personal from the region has brought laurels for the country. Do they have ever made a feature story on them? The Haryana Wrestlers and Boxers are projected well. But do our sports man from North East don’t deserve equal recognition. Do they face less hardship than those in Punjab and Haryana.

All I want to say is that, the manner you project the story of a rape and bomb bast in the region, try doing it for other instances also. People might actually come up with examples where the national media has actually worked for the state. Compared to the other states, they are negligible.

I thank them for the recent molestation incident coverage, and as a true patron of media request you to continue the same in future, with positivity.