Assam Burning, Government Sleeping

Posted on July 26, 2012


What has happened to Assam? The so called land of harmony is now burning under the flames of Ethnic or Communal clash. The situation is so severe and confusing that, national dailies such as the Times of India and The Hindu are yet to classify the riots as Ethnic or Communal and have now used both the terms.
It might have been one of those rare occasions, when Assam has managed to grab the front page of all the major leading national dailies within a span of just weeks. The Guwahati molestation incident is still a fresh news in the dailies, and now there has been Editorials on the riots.

As a student, when ever the word ‘riots’ came to us, it reminded us of the post partition, Hindu-Muslim clashes, or at the max, the latest Gujrat riots. Never in my life, I imagined such a situation would actually arrive in the state. But of course, the people of the state had a reckoning about such a situation as the number of illegal Bangladeshis have increased over the time in the state. And also insufficient steps taken on the part of the government regarding this matter has been a source of instigation of such a situation.

Illegal migrants flooding the state since Independence

But going by the actual situation of the State, I don’t believe that the matter of illegal infiltration is the solo reason behind the the clashes. Over the past decade, the sense of regionalism has entered in the tribes of Assam, particularly the Bodos. There is also political motivation behind that, but the demand for separate Bodoland has definitely weakened the unity of the State, and have brought us to this state, when we are facing the so called kalank of communal clashes.

Assam has been the land of various cultures and religions. The minority community, Muslims are no doubt one of the ethnic residents of the state, but the regular illegal  infiltration has actually put the original lot in trouble. And surely the Government is to blame for it. The clashes of the Bodos and Muslims is the out come of a long and lengthy process. After the insurgency and struggle for a separate Bodoland, something violent was always in the mind of the people. And no sooner this fire inside the hearts of the people came out in the form of riots.

According to the TNN, by Thursday, July 26, 40 persons have lost their homes and about 1.7 lakh are homeless. Though the center has ruled out the hands of Bangladesh in the riots, but every Assamese would say in their firm voice that the root cause lies within Bangladesh.

The Burning Villages

The plight of the poor  and innocent people has really been  a concern now.  So many of them have lot their everything, livelihood to home. So many are injured and living in shelter homes with insufficient facilities, and even food. And the best is, the center is still asleep.

The problem is not only faced by the residents of the troubled areas. Many people are stuck all around the stations as the road as well as Rail Transport have been severely hit. Students, patients and everyone is seriously affected.

This should sure act as an eye opener for the Government, as if they continue with their sleep mode, something even serious and dangerous might turn up in the future. The illegal Bangladeshi problem of the state has to be put in to a national problem list as this has caused immense harm to the state and I beg the national media to focus on that.

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