The Classroom Debate:Real solutions to the problems.

Posted on August 1, 2012


One of my classmate, Deepak, a guy from Shimla quoted a brilliant line, it said, “It is a shame for the country that what should have been discussed in the parliament of the country is being done only in classrooms.”  Just think of significance of line, how correct he is. The so called largest problem of India has been that, most of the idealistic thoughts are only being restricted to the classrooms. And once we are you are out into the real life, you become a part of the system, and all your values gets washed away.

Therefore, I found it an apt time to write about the discussions that actually happen in our Journalism class, as I feel these are the most unbiased, unpolitical and accurate as well as practical thoughts available in the Nation. Not just our class discussion, but any class discussion ends up with better solutions to the problems rather then what is being done at the parliament.

One of the most happening debate has been regarding the Anna Hazare fast, and how practical has been his methods of fighting discussion. It was quite an active discussion with each student of the class came up with his each unique opinion. Though it is impossible to discuss all of them, I just want to mention one statement of a student which seemed to me the most impressive, “I am with Anna only for the cause, but I will never support his way of protest. I am grateful the someone has taken the initiative, but India is a democracy and people cannot bring about a change all of a sudden, breaking rules, you cannot set a deadline and keep on fasting, rather do something that might compel the Government to act upon.” 

Though, whatever the statement said could not bring us to the conclusion, but still there is partial validity of the point. An other student said, “Anna Hazare said that he is a Gandhi’ian, but also at times he is Shivaji. Now I would like to ask him to follow one ideology, because it is seen that often following two different theories lead to internal clashes and failure of the targeted mission.” Indeed something unique he said.

Again we had a discussion on the CWG Scam. One of interesting question raised by a classmate of mine was on the need of wasting so much money o upgrade the stadiums, rather more much more could have been done with less amount and utilized the amount for the development of the nation. So basically the question was, why instead of spending so much unnecessary money of sports infrastructure, the quality of Indian Sports people are on up to mark.

One of the reply was, “In India, the Government has the top say in everything. Be it sports or cinema, the Government has its control over all. But the real problem arises because everything is not into specialized hands. We have the Agriculture Minister handling Cricket and an Ex Aviation Minister managing football of the country. How can you expect these people to work according to the needs of the game? When they don’t know the game at the grass root level, how can you expect them to take correct decision. So whenever the portfolio is assigned, there should be certain logic behind the allocation.”  

Not sure, how correct it was, but it was me who said the above lines. Never the less, what I wanted to highlight through this post was that, in India, the idealistic views, and patriotic feelings are only being restricted to the classrooms. Once we are out, the system makes us act according to their wish. India can progress only when what is being taught and discussed in the college gets enacted when the students come into the system. Fasting, Protesting etc would always be the methods of improving the situation of the country, but if  we really want a change, then we must give a thought to this.

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