Assam to be merged with Bangladesh

Posted on August 8, 2012


I have just finished watching the News Hour debate of Arnab Goswami on Illiberal Infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam, and I got this serious urge of sharing some of the points being discussed on the issue.

Before actually going into the discussion, I would like to mention what one of the Vice Presidents of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee said in the show, “There is no Bangladeshi in Assam as the Central Government has said.” In another statement, one of the top national congress leader said in the parliament, “Bangladeshis are not the cause of riots in Assam”. 

Now both of you, Mr. Vice President of APCC and the leader, you have now topped my list of most dumbest and stupid people I have ever seen, heard or met. I suppose both of you know where Dispur is and Mr VP of APCC, your official residence is in that very place, the so called capital of Assam. Now, for your knowledge, there is a locality in Dispur called Hatigaon, that is considered the core of Bangladeshis in Guwahati, and me being a resident of the place, I can guarantee their presence in the area in large numbers.

So when you have infiltrants living under the nose of the Government, how can you make a stupid comment of having no Bangladeshis in India. That is something, most dumbest to hear. For the records, our first prime minister J L Nehru said in 1962 that, The infiltration problem of Assam is an age old problem, and it started within 5 years of Indian Independence. So, Mr Vice President, you either need to have detailed mental checkup of having serious mental loss and instability or stop making such foolish comment in the national media proving how illegitimate your Government is.

Coming back to the show, some of the facts reveled by one of the panelist, who is a political analyst really made me tense regarding the current situation in Assam. It was evident that majority of Erstwhile Pakistan and East Pakistan leaders, such as Zulfikar Ali Bhutoo, Sikh Majibur Rehman etc, advocated the inclusion of Assam into East Pakistan. Majibur Rehman in his book on East Pakistan wrote that, “Assam seems to perfectly fit for the growing population of the country and its resources and forests will full fill the needs of the country.” The statement might not be the exactly same as I have quoted, but it meant exactly the same.

Thus, it is quite clear that the problem of infiltration also has got a lot of historical significance. And I am bound to use harsh words as the Government now, both at the state and center are illegitimate as they back themselves on the votes of there illegal Bangladeshis. And the most shameful fact is that the Vice President of APCC delivered a statement in the show trying to give a communal turn to whole of the incident in spite of knowing the actual fact (or sadly if he doesn’t).

The riots of Bodoland has raised the question of this infiltration into the National arena, and people of India must learn the fact soon, that this isn’t the problem of Assam only, as it becomes an issue of national security.  Statistics say that every day almost 6000 Bangladeshis cross over to Assam, and in the last 18 years only 1490 of them has been deported. Have a look at the difference of the numbers.

There has been numerous historical developments in this regard, but very soon they get diminished due to the impotent act of our Government. The IMDT act is a clear example of it. In a letter to the president of India, the governor of Assam, Lt. Col. SK Sinha wrote in 1998 that, It is only a matter of time that a part of Assam would be merged with Bangladesh. And the panelist today in the News Hour was also firm that Assam would be first country in the nation to separate out.

So this is my utter urge to the nation that please take the issue with concern and this is a crucial time, the future of the state and the nation is at stake and as the issue has been put on the National Table, let us make it a point find a permanent solution to the problem.

Fact Source: News Hour debate, Times Now, 8th August 2012
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