Change and Politicians: Bridging the Gap

Posted on September 15, 2012


India has changed. No wonder how hard we try to criticize our country of being a slow developer, and reassure our selves of being an Indian and carry on with our disgusting habits (like littering anywhere). Things have changed. The fraction of people using dustbins has actually risen to numbers, at least in Delhi I can say. We find Tata Sky in remotest of villages (Trust me on that because I originally hail form a village in Assam that is few kilometers away from Bhutan border, and one of the remotest in India). Vegetable vendors know what RC 98 in Airtel is for. So no doubt things have changed.

So just like any other developments mentioned above, Politics have also seen a change over the years. You can find MLA’s using a cell phone to watch porn in Legislative assembly; I doubt 10 years back even a student in Engineering college would have dared to do that. Please don’t take that as something controversial as only thing that I wanted here to highlight was that Technological Bug has bitten our rulers.

I suppose, it was Akhilesh Yadav, in the recently concluded UP elections carried an iPad during the campaigning. And it doesn’t take long to imitate, as in this same year, in the Delhi University election, one of contestants came up to us with an iPad, asking us our Facebook id’s to communicate and as seek votes. So, the trend has been set, and you find ample of followers.

APJ Abdul Kalam joined Facebook, while Kapil Sibbal is agitated with his social network mockery. The people are getting techno and info conscious, and that is a good sign. I suppose after the Assam riots, when rumors went viral online, which lead to the flee of many NE people from South, I suppose the MP’s and MLA’s of Assam, sadly who are not so friendly with computers, have actually learnt the usage of Internet, at least for the sake of self satisfaction, if anyone have mocked them.

On the topic of mocking, I see people taking the most common dialogs, in fact commonly used phrases of some of the politicians as brand statement. Can’t say about rest of the country, few days’ back I saw a tee shirt with printed lines of what Assam CM commonly says. No offence please, but Mr. CM isn’t it cool, that your lines have now become a fashion statement. No wonder, I am not quite sure on your dressing sense.

Going west, we someone called Narendra Modi. He is cool guy. Few days’ back he commented something on malnutrition and connected with skinny girls and dieting. Isn’t that fun, imagine a decade back, CM and dieting. Again today he remarked the PM of India, as Singham, Bollywood man. See even our leaders have changed their trend of boring political speech to something spicy and entertaining.

You have Raj Thackrey giving out highly entertaining speeches. So no wonder, a bunch of change have actually struck the political arena of the country. With your leaders like, Sachin Pilot, Agatha Sangma and others joining, politics is undergoing a change. After the political campaigns making it to the small screen, I am sure about the fact that in the next general elections, social media would be the prime target of all the major political parties. And why not, you find everyone here.

Things have changed over the time. Though still problems outnumber developments, yet I am very happy with some of the things shaping. Let’s hope that the next bunch of leaders we get, brings in a more technology and youth friendly Government.        

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