Celebrity Kasab!!

Posted on November 21, 2012


How strange it is? Search of Ajmal Kasab and you get a Wiki page full with all the details of the celebrity terrorist. Yes, celebrity. On the other hand use the key words, Tukaram Omble, now cross check the number of links. The difference can be well learned by the fact that, the Wikipedia page dedicated to Omble just has three lines describing him, a summary of two lines and the awards he received and even his picture is missing. Kasab on the other hand has his full detailed introduction, and then his back ground, early life, training and even stages of training and the list goes on.

Hence, I am perfectly right in classifying him as a celebrity. The definition of celebrity stands as “A person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media”. Thus, he rightly full fills most of the criteria.

We live in country where people like to be different. Yes, very true different. Even me, I like to write different to get public attention, and so does the people. Until today, everybody cursed the Government for not punishing Kasab; you see post depicting him as the national guest. Jokes being made on his Briyani taste, dengue, and so on. And the day he is executed, you find a section of people trying to be different, talking about Human Rights, and about the difference being made by killing one who killed hundreds. Of course, 95% of the population are happy with the execution, yet the question remains, did we give him just a little more of our attention, while we ignored the some people who deserved more?

Kasab was a source of TRP for the Media, a subject for the researchers and lawyers, a joke for the troll page owners and somewhat a burden for the nation. I am sure about the fact that, the number of people knowing him would definitely outnumber the people knowing Omble, the man who caught him. Now, how correct is that? Yes, for the crime he committed, people became interested in the news associated with him. We were interested in what he ate, what he said? But does that mean that we ignore the people who sacrificed their lives to catch the wrong. In this 4 years, were anyone of us ever concerned about what Tukaram’s family did? What happened to them? No, we forgot him, we forgot Hemant Karkare. I suppose this is human nature, we forget the people who do good to us, but we remember the people who harmed us.

Hemant Karkare

I don’t say it was wrong on our part to make Kasab a so called celebrity, yes, people would obviously be interested in someone who had such a great impact on the society, but it was wrong on our part to forget the people who gave up their lives for us. Today the chapter of Kasab ends. A 4 year old subject of interest ends, so instead of celebrating his death, let us salute the brave souls who gave up their lives for the country, at least for the sake of humanity.

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