78% Turn out, Criminals and Crorepatis: Gujarat 2012

Posted on December 15, 2012


The Gujarat Elections 2012 surely displays the current trend and position Indian politics. I am yet to set the level of disappointment with the current system of Indian politics, where as the rich and to an extent notoriously influential are actually nominated to be the leader.


It would not be wrong to say that criminal records on politician plays the same role as what a badge does to a police officer. While most try to remain clean, but there are some are even bold enough to flaunt them to win elections, thus praise our luck.

Gujarat has about 1666 candidates filing their nominations, of which about 952 candidates have affidavits regarding criminal charges. Of them about 192 were found to have confirmed criminal cases against them, which comprise of about 20% of the total candidates.

Yes, of all the probable law makers, 20% have already have had broken it. A real concern it seems. However, the only optimistic note in the election of 2012, compared to the last of 2007 is that number of criminals in the fray got reduced by 2%. But that this is merely like, taking a bowl of sugar out of the sack. So not much to cheer about.

In India, we associate Politicians with money. A Politician in India is judged by his wealth, nit by his policies or personality, at least by the party members. Affidavit reports suggest that 32% of the total candidates in both the phases are actually crorepati. It is a 11% rise compared to the 21% of 2007, sure which depicts the amount of developmental work in Gujarat.

Cross checking the list of the criminals, crorepatis and standing MLA’s. You will find many names common in each of the three lists. This clearly suggests the stand of the current politicians of the state.

There has been no such intention of doubting the amount of development done in the state as proclaimed by the Government, but the tale these facts unfolds surly cannot be ignored. How good the state has been, but the portfolio and deeds of the contesting candidates surely put a future at stake.

Politics in Gujarat has all been about Modi, someone who has been projected by the BJP as their Prime Ministerial candidate. And for many Gujaratis, he is the best. Even an auto rickshaw walla in Ahmadabad believes that there is no better candidate then Modi in India.

But there is also an anti Modi fraction amongst the population. He is being challenged by the wife of the suspended IPS officer, Sweta Bhatt in his own constituency, Maninagar. Though her candidature seems no match to Modi, yet the media has proclaimed this as a matter of shame for Modi as he is being emotionally challenged by a women.

Modi vs Bhatt

Modi vs Mrs Bhatt

As a whole, the Gujarat Elections 2012 seems to be a very interesting one. With about 78% turnout in the first phase, that quite heavy, it would be a fight. Prediction goes that BJP will again be back, but will lose some stand. But even a loss of few seats would be something crucial for Modi, as he is the so called PM material in the BJP. It’s now all a matter of time.

(Facts: ADR India Pictures: Google)

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