How long will it take Palestine to Liberate?

Posted on February 2, 2013



As Mr. Barack Obama sits down on his desk for the second time, he probably might have a pile of priorities to decide upon. With the crisis still on in Syria, Iran and in far parts Afghanistan, the question remains, how significantly would he take up the issue of the liberation of Palestine as a separate state.

The situation is grim, there is HAMAS fighting it out with the Israelis in the Gaza Strip, while the PLO leaders in the West Bank discuss it out in the General Assembly for the recognition of Palestine as a quasi state.

It is however interesting to note that in spite of the five year economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, HAMAS is still not weakened and in turn giving Israel a bad name in the international forum. On the other hand, the disagreement of the PLO leaders with HAMAS with regards to certain issues might indicate the failure of the Two State solution. This probably might lead to a school of thought, which believes in a Three State Solution theory, practically which seems far more disturbing at this point of time.


The last month saw the United Nations voting overwhelmingly for the recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a non member observer state of the body. The United States however voted against such a regulation stating that it is impossible to have a state that cannot define its own land. Added to this, Washington might also want to keep their hands as clean as possible and definitely expects another Egypt mediated cease fire.

Though Obama might seem backing Israel for their non activeness in regards to the talking with HAMAS. But the reports in the international media might arm the US authorities to change their set of mind. A recent media report shows the heart awaking mistreatment of the Palestinians in the Israeli soil, where they are even made to use separate roads flunked with multiple check posts alongside disastrous living colonies.

Such instances might seem concreting the demand of Palestine as a separate state, unless they want to keep themselves entangled with their own issues.

Palestinians pulling out an UN stunt also indicates their probability of joining the International Criminal Court (ICC), where they could bring in war crime charges upon Israel. This is definitely not what Israel wants at this point of time, as supposedly even Mr. Obama too refuses prosecution of Americans by the ICC.

Interestingly what both parts of Palestine want is undecided, as the Palestinian Authority admits to not knowing the location of its borders. The stand of United States seems surprisingly uncertain. Barack Obama was taped making speeches in support of the Two State theory, while US voted against Palestine in the GA plus Hilary Clinton commenting upon the vote results as ‘unfortunate and counterproductive’.

The last four months have definitely seen some development. But only an unprecedented global movement can put an end to the decades of violence and injustice. This violence has killed over 1000 Israelis and over 6000 Palestinian civilians. Until the two fraction of Palestinian representation, Israel and the forever influencing United States do not come out of the uncertainly zone. This mess up would continue. It’s high time that decisions should be made concrete, international terms must be obliged and priorities be decided. The Middle East has seen enough of bloodshed and peace and cease fire is definitely well appreciated.

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