The Graffiti Wall

Posted on February 13, 2013




This Graffiti on a wall by Israel intruding West Bank, Palestine speaks a hundred words.

The unknown artist who made this is highly talented and disciplined. He leaves behind no stray paint marks and finishes the graffiti in perfection. However, the most significant part of the graffiti is the message it conveys.

The clear blue sky signifies freedom, something which millions of distressed Palestinians want. The irony here is the Israeli blockade wall, where the graffiti is made. It blocks everything, from economic to military aid, food to medicines from entering the Palestinian soil. Contrary to the clear blue free sky, the Palestinian people don’t even access to the general roads in the region.

Look at the boy, bare bodied, probably signifying the poverty of the people of the region. A paint brush in his hands might indicate his attempt to rewrite his future, which as of now seems black as the color of the blockade wall.

Outside the graffiti, the broken concrete structure somewhat compliments the structure the whole graffiti. Artistically, it gives a 3D effect to the broken wall, while factually on the other hand it clear indicates destruction and vandalism of the Palestinian land.

The whole picture signifies Palestinian movement for liberation, its movement for freedom, their struggle for development and movement against their hostility. This is definitely a picture, which definitely speaks a hundred words.

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