I fear the extinction of Assam

Posted on May 1, 2013


Every time I pick up any local newspaper of Assam I fear the extinction of my home state. May be the depressing print of the news or may be the sensationalism of the news, every time I see read them, I wonder how many different problems do we have and how will we survive the coming years? So many issues we have to fight with.

Just like the North East fragmented into seven states, I wonder someday Assam will be further fragmented into smaller states. This is not a very holy feeling and I am deeply concerned as I have already faced a change in my birth place as a new district as has been formed because of the whole BTAD issue.

Every other ethnic group of the state is demanding for a new state, somewhere where they can dominate on their won. The Bodos have had this long fight and today they have this BTAD area, and yet they cry for a total separate state. Similarly Karbis are fighting their own battle. They too have their own Autonomous Council, yet they demand a separate state on their own. At least the Bodo insurgent organizations have reduced their effect significantly, yet the recent riots have very much highlighted the whole issue again.

Courtesy: The Hindu. Assam Riots 2012

Courtesy: The Hindu. Assam Riots 2012

Again somewhere we have the Koch Rajbonshis looking for their own Chamatapur. At this point I just can’t make out how many parts do we can make of the state of Assam. I fear, of all these Bangladeshi migrants would end up having their own share of land in Assam. It’s actually very sad to realize the fact that we, all the residents of the states, no matter which caste or tribe we belong to collectively form the Assamese community and belong to the state of Assam are now collectively fighting it out to wipe off Assam from the map.

A Map of the Bodoland

A Map of the Bodoland

Again as I went by today’s newspaper I see Maoist influence growing in the state. The local insurgent groups were not enough to create tension that we now have them. Where do I see my state going?

Leaving the internal issues aside, China is threatening the state by building dams over the river Brahmaputra. The debate of Chinese border violation is very much on, but nobody dares to think that an entire civilization would be wiped off if the dam is built and Assam will be extinct, divided or undivided. I don’t know how long it will take our respected government to realize that we are on the verge of total extinction.


Google image of the proposed dam in Tibet

So much pessimism, so much hatred and bad news. Every time I open an Assamese newspaper I get all this. Scandals, conspiracies and dirty politics. Every day some new issues. I don’t know what is there up for the future, but as for now, I surely fear the extinction of my state.

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