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Posted on June 29, 2013


Dispur. Yes, the capital of Assam happens to be the constituency which  Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh represents at the Rajhya Sabha. I have no clue what percentage of Indian population is aware of this fact, but I assume whenever they realize that it’s the PM’s constituency, they will feel something special about it.

Assam Secretariat

Assam Secretariat

Dispur, happens to be a locality of Guwahati. Unlike what most people perceive it to be, a totally separate city; Dispur is actually what Janakpuri is to Delhi. Just a locality. Area wise Dispur is restricted just to a narrow fraction of area which is very thinly populated in terms of residential area. It just comprises of the Assam Secretariat, Assembly House, few Government Offices and banks. However if we look at Dispur as a constituency, we have many neighboring areas under it. This includes areas like Ganeshguri, which happens to be the most Bombed point in the country; Hatigaon, an area filled with a population of illegal Bangladeshi migrants; Beltola and Christain Basti, locations of two of the most horrific women molestation incident in India.


Ganeshguri- Ganesh Mandir (Google Pics)

Indeed Mr. Prime Minister. You represent one of the most interesting constituencies of the country. And we are glad by the amount of effort you have put in to develop your constituency. I remember walking by the area of Sarumataria with knee level water, roads flooded with drain water in just 2 hours of rain. Well, if you happens to look up for our PM’s home address in any of the Government of India portrayal. You will find Sarumataria to be the area listed as his address, yes the same water logged area.

The residents of Dispur have never really criticized Mr. Manmohan Singh. We have always been proud of the fact that he actually represents the residents of the area in the Upper House of India. However, we are never actually proud of him as a Prime Minister. We are proud of him as a master economist who revived the Indian Economy; and now represents us. As a Prime Minister, we actually expected a lot more from you. As your home constituency, we expected a lot more importance from you.

We never really complain that you visit is only during the elections. We understand that you are a busy man, but a little peak into our problems would not have done you much harm. We would have loved if you made sure that the State Government actually looked after the area, or at least filled in the man holes in the footpaths of Dispur. We would have loved to see the State Dispensary in the Last Gate area of the constituency at least developed to the standards of 1990s. We would have loved to see those discomposed bamboo barricades removed from the main road.

Honorable sir, if someday the President of United States, requests you to take him to your home constituency. I am sure you would not love yo bring him to Dispur in the current state in which it is now. We have an identity for being represented by you. But we never actually have the standard of being the constituency of the Prime Minister of the fastest growing democracy of the world. We have the pride of being represented by a good person, but not by a responsible leader. Please honor us by granting slightest of your attention.

-A newly inducted voter from the constituency.

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