Making potable water reachable to every Indian

Posted on July 18, 2013


Mr Supriyo Das at Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. 

India is a country which has always been fighting for the accessible potable water. It has almost become a daily routine for quite a fraction of Indian population to fight a battle to get a bucket of drinking water. And the sad part is that, even after all the hardship the water which they consume turns out not to be safe. The battle for a common Indian doesn’t really end with just managing water; they have to make sure that it’s potable. There are areas, where there is no scarcity of water, but there is a huge scarcity of potable drinking water.

As Mr. Supriyo Das rightly said, one child in India dies every minute for a reason which is preventable, like diarrhoea. The number of people falling ill due to water borne diseases in India is significantly higher than any other reason. What Mr. Das explains in his speech about people not having access to safe drinking water, gets even worse at the time of a natural calamity, particularly during flood. The spread of water related endemic is at a high risk during the time of a natural calamity and even more after the calamity.

Poor sanitation, in appropriate facilities, everything adds to the misery of the affected people, and shortage of potable water, further adds to the game. It is at this point of time when we require a system which could be reached out to the affected area a purify water. The system should be reliable as well as portable at the same time.

The system devised by Mr. Supriyo Das seems to full fill both of these criteria. The residents of Assam can very well explain the boon his system would do to them. Every year the residents of the state fight with problem of flood, and every year people fight with problem of lack of potable water.

I believe Government of India and authorities like National Disaster Management Authority should adopt systems like the one developed by Mr. Das. It can in that way reach out to a lot of people, benefit them, and also help intellectuals like Das achieve their goals.

The problem with India is that ideas usually don’t reach out to the general public. Every year our Indian minds come up with so many innovative ideas, but never ever we see the implementation of such ideas to help out a larger public. Many even perish at the prototype phase. There is an urgent need to actually work upon the implementation of such ideas. Mr. Das’s idea promises to be a very effective system to help out the people of India. Till date it has been his individual effort that has helped so many people, soon some corporate would take away his idea. And I fear, it will never reach its real beneficiaries. I hope the government and concerned authorities wakes up, look around for such people, adopt their ideas, promote their work, support them, and work for the benefit of the India population.

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