Exploiting regional differences for vote | Why to strengthen the North East Support Cell?

Posted on September 10, 2013


Fancy leadership quotes and a good speech don’t make you a leader unless you act like one. DU has been gripped by the election fever and our respected student representatives are leaving no stones unturned to capture every possible vote. But to what extent should we go to demand votes?

This respected candidate comes into a class with all the ‘basic’ promises; promises which can be fulfilled yet not full filled, but they will try hard to full fill. He (his spokesperson) started off with a brilliant speech, talking about idealistic values, what is right and what is not. He briefed the class about his agendas in mind, and finally came down to a point where he mentioned, “We will create or rather strengthen the North East Support Cell in the college.”

Such a genuine agenda he has. The candidate was talking about helping students during admission for a cause, and now since he has brought out the topic of helping North East students, he might me one great guy whom we should vote. Clearly that should have been the first reaction of any NE student studying in the university. And surely even he might have thought of the same. But then came a question, “Why do you want to open a North East Support Cell?”

This was the trickiest part. Before you actually start supporting a candidate because of his agenda in mind, it is equally important to know his mindset behind bringing it up as an agenda.

The reply to this simple question, to quote exactly was, “These people come from so remote places and they face so many difficulties, hence they need help.” The first thing, being from a remote place doesn’t necessary mean you need help, but if you believe that remoteness  is the criteria for creating creating a special cell, then why not a Bihar, Kashmir or South India cell. Why just a North East Cell?

The answer to this was even more appalling. “These people need help. Just like you have cell for blind and crippled people, to help them. We should have a cell to help the North East students.” Now is that the real reason why you want to help? You want to help the NE students just because you believe that they are not cape able of doing things on their own.

Isn’t it discriminating on the very fact that you create a separate cell and make people victimized and help them? If you want to help the out station students then make a common cell. Why just a North East cell.

The whole point of writing this is to make our so called ‘self proclaimed’ leaders understand that gravity of the situation. Don’t just exploit regional differences for the sake of vote. It’s perfectly fine you want to help, but don’t just victimize people to make them feel that you care about them. It’s clearly understandable from your statement how much racist you are, and yet you want to help citing differences just for the sake of vote.

Indian politics have always exploited the differences in caste creed and religion for votes. But being from the current generation, and after having read so many text books, it is assumed that at least the current generation carries some sense when they nominate themselves to be the leaders.