If we can’t form the Government nor can you

Posted on January 3, 2014


As the nation celebrates the Aam Admi fever, very few realize that a name is slowly fading away in the social network trends. Prior to September 13, 2013 the hype was already there; and post September 13 Facebook and Twitter feeds were just full of one name, Narendra Modi. Yes, after he being named the BJP’s PM candidate, people just could not resist the NaMo Rap.

BJP has always been very active in online politics. A party ruled by relatively old leaders attempts to connect to the way in the most innovative way. After being the first Indian party to start a website, BJP also changed the game of politics via Facebook. And in all of this, we have the current CM of Gujarat, who probably is followed by a large chunk of the online community.


The Modi Spoof site

The trouble for Congress really deepened when whole of online social attention went in with BJP and Modi. Well, there were counter attacks, Pappu vs Feku jokes, but for the ruling party it did not work out that well. Not quite sure if it was a political tactic but, http://narendramodiplans.com/ , a website well inspired from Barak Obama’s rival Mitt Romney’s spoof website (http://www.romneytaxplan.com/ ) and Rahul Gandi’s promising website http://rahulgandhiachievements.com/, did catch all the public attention.


BJP with their 3D Bus campaign

Then came in the Delhi Elections 2013. Being the country’s capital, a lot was invested in the election campaigning. New bee Aam Admi Party went for an innovative Auto Rickshaw campaign, something very familiar to us now, while BJP went tech savvy to use 3D and HD videos to lure results. Congress, to a great extent was pretty much behind in the race. As of others, #AAP and #BJP worked out pretty well and this was even reflected in their poll results with AAP forming the Government despite BJP winning the larger fraction of seats.

What transpired after the oath taking of Arvind Kejriwal as the Delhi CM is pretty interesting. Congress lost terribly, BJP held its fort. But public attention moved away from Modi and BJP lost its cantre stage, courtesy: Congress. Things took a turn around after Congress decided to support AAP, offering them unconditional support. And once that happened a new government was all set to be formed in Delhi by a common man. And this shifted whole of the nations attention, and with the announcement of AAP aiming for Lok Sabha election, public sympathy all of a sudden rushed in for APP, again courtesy: some common man stunts by Kejriwal.


Kejriwal Oath taking ceremony

In the whole game, BJP seems to have lost themselves somewhere, and today as our PM Mr. Singh surprisingly spoke, he made sure that he speak against ‘the man’ Modi. So an opinion here goes that, Congress have realized that this is not their time and a very little can be done to make things correct. But if they wish to change even BJPs time they can do so. So basically, if we can’t form the government nor can you attitude. They did this in Delhi, where BJP failed to form a government, and a general perception would be to do the same even in the Lok Sabha elections. Hence, the indirect battle continues.

*Totally personal opinion, no inclination* 

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