Media|This is how we communicate with people is a solo attempt of mine to project out the idealistic viewpoint on the topics that bother us the most. As a journalism student, and as a patron of the industry for so many years now, this is just an attempt to reach out the people with the topic that has a direct and indirect impact on them.

The blog initially focused on poor state of functioning of the Assamese media, and the ignorance of the National Media towards the state and North East collectively, and this still remains the prime agenda. But that does not restrict me to cover  topics on national interest.

This is my first initiative towards the contribution of a better and much developed Assamese Media Industry, and I hope grow in the fore coming years with the support of my readers and well wishers.

Amlan. J.Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

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  1. Very good effort. I have posted a reply also. I like the way the webpage is created but it should have means to correct the spelling mistakes and grammar. After I wrote and posted I found some mistakes I did but could not rectify it. I wish you can edit it. Once again, congratulations to a lovely website. We will be following your link. All the best for the future.

  2. wonderfully written. very enriching 🙂 keep up the good work!


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