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The Other Side of the Coin: Counter view on NE Discrimination

February 25, 2014


The entire North East (NE) Indian community today here in Delhi is slightly agitated. The age old issue of racial discrimination against the community is back again and this time things tend to be little more vocal then what used to be earlier. A lot has been talked and discussed about of the plight of […]

Exploiting regional differences for vote | Why to strengthen the North East Support Cell?

September 10, 2013


Fancy leadership quotes and a good speech don’t make you a leader unless you act like one. DU has been gripped by the election fever and our respected student representatives are leaving no stones unturned to capture every possible vote. But to what extent should we go to demand votes? This respected candidate comes into […]

Bodoland, the next Gaza Strip?

November 20, 2012


In a country where citizens are put behind the bars just because of Facebook post, I fear what might happen if I express my serious opinions on a sensitive topic like the BTAD violence. Being a resident of the state, and particularly in a locality that ‘was’ surrounded by numerous illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, I could […]

Bangladeshi Influx: A Diplomatic Failure, Defense Failure or a Political Compromise

September 2, 2012


The problem of Bangladeshi influx is no longer a regional issue. Though it is quite a shame to say, but the actual concern of the nation to the problem has only been focused, when the sparks of this igniting problem led to a fire in South India. On the other hand, the eastern part of […]

A Reply to Rajdeep Sardesai

August 10, 2012


In an article by Mr Rajdeep Sardesai, the editor in Chief of the CNN-IBN network tried to explain why the media covered  Gujarat more then Assam. Sir, I agree, you are one of the most respected and well informed media personal of the country, but I am  not quite satisfied with your answer to the question […]

Assam to be merged with Bangladesh

August 8, 2012


I have just finished watching the News Hour debate of Arnab Goswami on Illiberal Infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam, and I got this serious urge of sharing some of the points being discussed on the issue. Before actually going into the discussion, I would like to mention what one of the Vice Presidents of the Assam Pradesh […]

How Media has failed to project Assam

July 14, 2012


It is a known fact that the main stream Indian media has always been ignorant to Assam and its neighbouring seven sisters. Though after the recent incident of girl molestation in GS Road, Guwahati, all the channels are quite active in telecasting the footage and setting up panels to discuss the issue. But in the real […]