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Crime hidden under the Burkha of Tradition

August 13, 2014


Leaders define a society. In a country like India, which is diverse in terms of religious sentiments and social ideologies; it’s very much evident that when a sensitive topic like rape is being discussed, things do tend to get complicated. The issue with Indian society is that there are a lot of social evils embedded […]

Making potable water reachable to every Indian

July 18, 2013


Mr Supriyo Das at Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.  India is a country which has always been fighting for the accessible potable water. It has almost become a daily routine for quite a fraction of Indian population to fight a battle to get a bucket of drinking water. And the sad part […]

Celebrity Kasab!!

November 21, 2012


How strange it is? Search of Ajmal Kasab and you get a Wiki page full with all the details of the celebrity terrorist. Yes, celebrity. On the other hand use the key words, Tukaram Omble, now cross check the number of links. The difference can be well learned by the fact that, the Wikipedia page […]

It’s our pride, don’t make it a shame: Save Rhinos

October 7, 2012


Rhino!! Ask any Assamese what is the significance of this animal in their home state. Almost everybody of us would claim it to be their state animal and boast about the fact that the natural habitat one horned rhino is confined only to Assam and nowhere else in the world. Though the two horned species […]

The Classroom Debate:Real solutions to the problems.

August 1, 2012


One of my classmate, Deepak, a guy from Shimla quoted a brilliant line, it said, “It is a shame for the country that what should have been discussed in the parliament of the country is being done only in classrooms.”  Just think of significance of line, how correct he is. The so called largest problem of India has been […]

Assam Burning, Government Sleeping

July 26, 2012


What has happened to Assam? The so called land of harmony is now burning under the flames of Ethnic or Communal clash. The situation is so severe and confusing that, national dailies such as the Times of India and The Hindu are yet to classify the riots as Ethnic or Communal and have now used both […]