Dhoom 3 Review: One Man Show

Posted on December 21, 2013



Dhoom 3 is a one man show, well technically one man two character show. This latest franchisee of the Dhoom series is probably best as it had the touch of the perfectionist, Aamir Khan.

So as many nicknamed the movie, Aamir and the two idiots, he rightfully overshadowed everyone in the movie; actors, non-acting capable actors, breaching of physics and logic. Finally he did put up a brilliant show.

Also credit has to be given to Katrina Kaif for not delivering much of dialogs and sticking more to acrobats. Indeed that worked out well for the movie.

Again every time you look at Uday Chopra, his interview would come into your mind, “My dad thought I was an idiot”. Yes Uday, even we think the same, but what happened to Nargis Fakhri.

Never the less, coming back to the movie, the key part, for those you have watched the movie ‘The Prestige’ you might try to predict that it is a copy, but the movie is actually well inspired from Prestige. The screen play was brilliant and so was the camera work. It’s pretty evident that a lot has been invested in the graphics making the movie a visual treat. Also technology, as they say, Aamir’s BMW is just the next shiz. It’s a bike, a hovercraft, air plane and what not? So at times you feel that he is the next Batman.

Dialogs were damn good. Just that at times there were some dumb parts. For example: “So who is it who is robbing our bank?” “It’s a thief sir.” Well, isn’t that very obvious. Now that’s a Uday Chopra act, come on. Also at times the movie violated Physics laws like anything.

The entry of our star cops was another spectacular piece of the movie. Small B came in an auto, breaking brick walls and flying. The whole auto breaks down, but its wind screen, not a scratch. And by common believe it should have been the first thing that should have cracked.

Never the less, the movie was a visual master piece. Camera work was immensely beautiful. But the slow motion effect was used way too much, making it slightly boring at times.  Also there was that Rohit Shetty flying car element, which too an extent was ok, but Abhishek, well bro nothing suits you.

Being an Indian movie, emotions are bound to be displayed. The movie comes in with a brilliant package of action and emotion. Aamir Khan, the perfectionist did his part well, but the other two, well ok, you guys did compliment well. Katrina thanks again for not trying to act. For the hype, yes its worth watching, but just once.

My Ratings: 3.5/5

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